The Angelic Conflict–Seeds of Rebellion

Part 4 - the sufferings of this world [an OPINION of how Satan fell and the Angelic Conflict began]Genesis 1:1:      “In the beginning” – TIME      “God created the heavens” – SPACE      “and the earth” – MATTER      Before the Creation, before time, space, and matter, God was. He lives in eternity and … Continue reading The Angelic Conflict–Seeds of Rebellion

Finding “JOY” in the Craziness of Life!

My pastor published an article which ended: “I still have doubts. I still wrestle. I still struggle to understand the Bible…the sufferings of this world…the apparent absence of God in times of need…the “inner workings” of prayer…the overt failures and faults of those who claim to follow God…and how all this fits together in the … Continue reading Finding “JOY” in the Craziness of Life!


  Does Intelligent Design meet the criteria set forth by scientific method? The answer is absolutely. And this is an area in which random chancer’s (evolutionists) should exercise caution.  SEICNTIFIC THEORY: A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural based on knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation. Scientists create scientific theories from hypotheses that … Continue reading INTELLIGENT DESIGN AND SCIENTIFIC METHOD

Is Intelligent Design an Oxymoron

Evolutionists give themselves away when they use the word, “Design.” They resist saying “Intelligent Design,” however, it's a contradiction in logical to employ the word “DESIGN” and then deny “INTELLIGENCE.”  The two are intrinsically joined, inseparable. Design is defined: intransitive verb, 1) to conceive or execute a plan 2) to draw, lay out, or prepare … Continue reading Is Intelligent Design an Oxymoron

True Love

  Reading through the verses on Faith in Hebrews chapter 11, It suddenly dawned on me that regardless of our earthly possessions, the only things we have that we can take with us into eternity is our Faith and our Love. Both of which are gifts from God above. God, Himself, is LOVE.  LOVE is His nature … Continue reading True Love

Characteristics of a Maturing Christian Life

Faith  Unconditional love of God and Christ and complete trust in God to finish a good work Moral Excellence  Living life as an example to others in love and peace and trust in God Knowledge   Studying to find yourself approved-Learning about God-Teaching others Self Control   Feeding the lamb and starving the wolf–Allowing Christ to sit in … Continue reading Characteristics of a Maturing Christian Life