Is Intelligent Design an Oxymoron

Evolutionists give themselves away when they use the word, “Design.” They resist saying “Intelligent Design,” however, it’s a contradiction in logical to employ the word “DESIGN” and then deny “INTELLIGENCE.”  The two are intrinsically joined, inseparable.

Design is defined: intransitive verb, 1) to conceive or execute a plan 2) to draw, lay out, or prepare a design and as a transitive verb: 1) to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan 2) a: to conceive and plan out in the mind b: to have as a purpose c: to devise for a specific function or end. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Being honest, does “Design” sound anything like “random chance?”

Among all the overwhelmingly abundant evidences of “Intelligent Design” one of my favorites is, ready for it? Dirt!  That’s right.  The organic soil which plants need to grow.  If the Earth was formed from “rock,” as we are told, rock weathered down and becomes, ready for this? Sand.  It does not and cannot become organic dirt.  Without organic soil, there can be neither plant life nor animal life, as plants are the primary food source for animals.

Then we have the small problem of the first plants crawling out of the ocean and planting themselves in the rocky sand.  Oh, what about the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle?  Plants produce oxygen which animal life needs to breathe and they, in turn, expel the needed carbon dioxide plants require.  Plants and animals are interdependent and can only exist together.

Now, just supposing that sea life sprang up from puddles of dissolved rock in the primordial ocean when struck by lightning (and, imagine, without cell walls to hold it all the gook together – really? does that sound reasonable?); What did these first creatures eat?  Each other?  In the beginning there wouldn’t have been a food chain, from bottom to top, with the top progressively feeding off the lower life forms.  The first creatures of necessity must have been cannibalistic and fed off each other thus, ending the “evolutionary” cycle in short order.  The diminishing food supply would have ended in starvation and extinction.  Keep in mind that organics consume organics to survive. They need calories and carbs and fats and proteins, and etc.  Consider the giant rain forests.  They continually recycle organic matter from their fallen predecessors.  They simply don’t spring up from rock.

We have example after example of “Design” all about us.  Here are just a few:  Metamorphous alone completely destroys random chance theory; DNA is constructed from proteins, but DNA provides the instructions for proteins on how to build DNA.  You cannot have DNA without the proteins or the proteins without the DNA; DNA is an information system.  Information does not spontaneously exist.  Information always comes from a mind; The moon.  Among many other things it just happens to be the perfect size and at just the right location and orbit to give us meaningful tides – not too powerful and not too weak. Without tides, the oceans would stagnate and life on Earth would perish; The Earth’s strong magnetic field.  This is lacking on other planets in our solar system and without it, life would be instantly burned up by solar radiation and the solar winds would blow away Earth’s atmosphere (The imagined Martian colonization can never happen); Earth’s abundant supply of fresh water and water’s amazing properties. If water contracted when frozen, like other elements, fish would freeze and die.  Ice would freeze from the bottom of bodies of water and freeze upward.  Ice Skating become extinct;  The earth has just the right balance of land to ocean making life possible.  Have you observed how God took his finger and indented planet Earth to form ocean basins?  If you removed water from the Earth’s surface it looks more like a dried-up peach than a sphere. Go on Google Earth and pull back over the oceans.  You can see the deep ocean trenches He created to hold all the water that covered the Earth’s surface in Genesis 1; Hummingbirds need the nectar-producing plants they feed on.  The two were “designed” for each other. By the time “random chance” could have configured the flowers and the bird’s beaks for compatibility, neither would have survived; Plants and insects are interdependent and must coexist; Bees and other pollinators!  Bees cannot exist without the plants they pollinate and vice versa.  Our abundant crops of fruits, vegetables, and grains require pollinators.  Today, bee farmers move their bees from field to field to pollinate our food supply.  Can’t have one without the other.  Men and women, male and female, designed for each-other physically and emotionally.

Are all these examples simply random chance or Intelligent Design?  To a reasonable mind, the answer should be obvious.  The argument against Intelligent Design is completely bogus. It is, often intentionally, couched in deception and misdirection.  Opponents of Creation have an agenda; The devil’s agenda.

Bottom line is simply this: Whichever side you take, it is “all about our God.”  Do we individually acknowledge Him or deny Him?  God is always the issue, the only issue. Everything else is simply a fog generated to obscure truth.  The question is, “Do you have a relationship with your Creator?” Opponents of God aren’t looking for answers.  They’re in denial, kicking against the goads.  The first chapter of the book of Romans clearly explains their heart condition.

Amazingly, graciously, God has made the solution so simple. If anyone is sincerely seeking truth, they can do as many before them have done. With a sincere heart simply ask, “God, if you really exist, show me. And if You do, teach me how to follow You.” After all, if He is our Designer, our Creator. Isn’t He capable of making Himself known to those who ask Him?  If He is a Creator with a purpose, consider that His purpose may just be “you.”

God truly is the “Intelligence” behind the “design” and not an Oxymoron.  This is why we go
Exploring Scripture~because it matters, it really does matter






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