Does Intelligent Design meet the criteria set forth by scientific method? The answer is absolutely. And this is an area in which random chancer’s (evolutionists) should exercise caution.

 SEICNTIFIC THEORY: A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural based on knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation. Scientists create scientific theories from hypotheses that have been corroborated through the scientific method, then gather evidence to test their accuracy. As with all forms of scientific knowledge, scientific theories are inductive in nature—that is, they seek to supply strong evidence for but not absolute proof of the truth of the conclusion—and they aim for predictive and explanatory force.

Issue number one is that to meet the requirements of scientific theory the supposition must first meet the requirements of scientific method—which EVOLUTION, as an example, does not come close to doing! There is nothing at all observable, testable or repeatable in the quest to theorize evolution. There is NOT even one honest example of any transitional species of which Darwin himself said we should be so abundant that we should be tripping over them. Over the course of thousands of years of observation, there is NOT one new species. Quite the reverse is true. Species are disappearing at an alarming rate. And this barely scratches the surface of the inadequacies of evolution (random chance).

Creation, that is-INTELLIGENT DESIGN, on the other hand has many aspects that are observable, testable and repeatable. As an example, the Judeo-Christian scriptures state emphatically that God is the giver of life and that all creatures reproduce after their own kind. In fact, that is EXACTLY what we observe. Life only comes from life and is passed from generation to generation (observable, testable, provable). Every single living cell is a product of its living parent (not self-generated pond scum) and again, exactly what we observe. All life reproduces after its own kind, again: testable, observable, repeatable. Contrary to popular fables, dinosaurs (LIZARDS) do not reproduce as birds. Birds only come from birds and lizards (sorry, dinosaurs) only reproduce lizards. Observable, testable, provable.

The height of circular reasoning is the geological column. Layers are dated by the fossils found in them and fossils are dated by the layer they are discovered in.

~because it maters—it really does


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