the sufferings of this world – Part 2

– In the Beginning – Increasing Defiance brings Judgment and a Curse

After the original curse fell upon mankind when they were all evicted from the garden, childbirth and husbanding of the sweet earth became laborious. At the same time, sin and defiance continued to increase in the heart of man. Adam lived 930 years and “had sons and daughters.” His son Seth lived 912 years and “had sons and daughters.” And so on through their generations to Methuselah (969 years), Lamech (777 years) and Noah who was 500 years of age when he fathered Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Noah lived another 450 years to the age of 950. All of the people before the flood most likely had many sons and daughters, but the Scriptures only trace the lineage that lived through the flood.

God’s intent was for man to “. . . Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth” (Genesis 1:28). In those early days, the human genome was pure and uncorrupted. A man could take a wife from among his close relatives without any concern of genetic defects. No one knows how large the population of the Earth had grown before the flood. Estimates range from millions to billions. Evidently, it was quite large.

In Genesis 6, we are told that “. . . the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful” (and they still are today). There is much debate among biblical scholars over who these sons of God actually were. Some say fallen angels. Others believe they were the sons of Seth. There are strong arguments for either position.

Regardless, as the population grew, “. . . GOD saw that the wickedness of man (male and female) was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” Genesis 6:5 (KJV). God did not create evil; it sprang up in the heart of man. This verse makes it crystal clear that it was the sins of men, and not of fallen angels, that brought God’s wrath upon the earth. Because of this wickedness, God determined to wipe the slate clean and begin anew with Noah “who found grace in the eyes of the LORD” (Genesis 6:8). His judgment upon the wickedness of man was the global flood. The result of the flood brought the curse.

The Curse. What happened was this: the fountains of the deep burst forth, the waters that were restrained beneath the surface of the earth erupted and may have been accompanied by fountains of volcanic action as well. At the same time, the windows of heaven collapsed, that is the firmament above (Genesis 1:6; Genesis 7:11). As a result of the canopy above collapsing, all spectrums of radiation were no longer filtered by the firmament and were allowed to reach the Earth surface. Effects of the radiation immediately began to cause genetic mutations in humans, animals, plants, and bacteria, causing disease and decreased lifespans. After the flood, Abraham lived 335 years, Moses to 120. The detrimental effects of solar radiation are continuing to this day (sunburn, skin cancer, cataracts, and much, much more).

At the same time, great changes began to occur in the earth. As a result of the fountains of the deep bursting forth, plate tectonics began. There were now volcanos and earthquakes, lightning and thunder, rain and snow, all previously unknown, occurring all over the earth. Previously unknown weather patterns developed causing many types of natural disasters: rain and snowstorms, mudslides, hurricanes, tornados, local floods, etc. Thus, we have the curse we now live under. All brought on by sin.

Yes, Noah had dinosaurs aboard the Ark. Before the flood, the circumference of the earth was 90% of what it is today, and the atmospheric pressure was close to twice today’s pressure. This fact is evidenced in the small lung size of the great dinosaurs. They didn’t require large lungs due to the increased pressure and better absorption of oxygen. The great dinosaurs would not be able to survive in today’s reduced atmospheric pressure.1

After the flood Noah’s family was given the same directive by God He had given to Adam and Eve, to be fruitful and multiply upon the Earth (Genesis 8:17). The defiance continued. Man chose not to spread out over the earth. Instead, they gathered together as one people with Nimrod as their leader. The story is told in Genesis 10-11. The great, great-grandson of Shem, the son of Noah, was Peleg. His name means “divided.” Genesis 10:25 says that it was in Peleg’s day that God divided the nations, set their boundaries, and assigned their languages.

And still, the defiance continued.

Exploring Scripture
   ~because it matters – it really does!

1 Dr. Carl Baugh, of the Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose Texas, has published intriguing articles on this era and has performed some amazing experiments in a specially designed oversized hyperbaric chamber. He can also be found on YouTube.


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