Evolution – Honestly?

Evolution or Creation

Do you HONESTLY believe in evolution? Be truthful now.

In your heart of hearts, do you really think that time and chance could ever create a tree? Or a flowering plant? Bring about life and live birth? Is that even reasonable?

It begins with a creepy little caterpillar incapable of doing almost anything other than munching down on leaves and growing.  It has absolutely no way of reproducing, thus being the last of its species. Yet, after stuffing itself on the leaves of its host plant to the point of bursting, it somehow decides to spin a cocoon inside of which it simply dissolves away into a soupy broth (Oh yeah, first you must have the proper host plant available for the caterpillar to feed upon). Then, in a miraculous transformation, it manages to create new organs and reassemble itself into a beautiful new creature with elaborately decorated wings, compound eyes, a completely new digestive system and much, much more.  Then it emerges from the chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly. It has a new split proboscis which it somehow manages to zip together into a feeding tube and begins feeding on plant nectar. It mates, lays eggs on just the right host plant and the cycle begins all over again.

As with the chicken and the egg, so too with the Butterfly and the caterpillar…which came first? The answer is easy and evident. God CREATED the first pair of each creature mature.  As with Adam and Eve, so too with all the living creatures of God. Adam and Eve came before Cain and Able…first the chicken…first the butterfly.

evolution? time and chance?  “REALLY?” “HONESTLY?”

Exploring Scripture~because it matters
     it really does!

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